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Heal from abandonment anxiety

Let's say someone asked you to list five things about yourself that you knew for certain were true about you. Could you? Think about that for a moment. 

Things you absolutely, unequivocally, without a doubt, could-not-be-talked-out-of, knew at your core were the true you.  Most people can't.  Is your favorite color really blue?  Or, perhaps at 3yrs. old, you heard a role model say it was theirs, and you adopted it too - ever since then.  


That's the thing.

If coping skills are learning between the ages of 1-3yrs; personality development occurs from 1-6yrs; and up until around 13yrs old we essentially are just 'inputting' information, recording it in our brains from outside sources.  How then, is one to know that they are not living life simply in reaction to someone or some other event (outside of their control)?  Now, consider this for yourself,


"What would life be like, or who would I be, if I was no longer living in reaction to...

Not in reaction to mom or dad, or brother or sister, or this event or that event... but just living life being 

authentically me?" 



That's the goal I have for every single client, and I ask that question at each initial consult.  If they have that same goal; then we are on the same page.  



If you're struggling with loving who you are at the moment, I will say this, Stop trying.  Yes, I just said that.  Because, you are wearing the suit of survival as I like to call it.  That suit is built from fear responses, defense mechanisms, and misdirected internal messages.  Trying to love all those things is exhausting, and pointless.  That's not the real you. 

How do I know? 

Because, we are born loving ourselves, naturally. 


It's not something we need to learn to do.  The more we struggle to, likely, the thicker that suit is.  Harder to see our true selves.  With this treatment, its basically keeping those gifts that your suit has given you, thanking it for its services, and kindly (layer by layer) experiencing it dissolving away, thus, allowing a re-connection to the authentic self.  


Traumatic moments mean something different from person to person.  Whether it be moving to a new home, a broken heart or a natural disaster to changing jobs or losing a loved one; there is one consistent truth.  And that is that all of these events carry some level of emotional pain.


And emotions are POWERFUL.


So, what to do when this pain seems too overwhelming, even down right paralyzing?


We know in order to move on from any distressing situation, we must foster some degree of acceptance. However, when emotionally frozen, finding acceptance can be virtually impossible. It has been said that, “any negative event no longer exists except for in our imagination.” If our mind becomes a place to avoid, healing cannot occur.

With Subconscious Reformation, the mind can become a place of peace, of safety, & most importantly, a place of recovery. Fully aware & in-control, the client is led through a series of directive techniques, subconscious training tools, guided imagery, & finally, imprint replacement.


These interventions are designed to aid in removing barriers, & allowing one’s own mind to do what it was made to do – self-heal. Different from traditional talk therapy, & traumas are not reprocessed. Yet, any emotional control these events once held disappears & becomes impossible to re-emerge.


Imagine living life no longer “in reaction to…”

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French Doors

Re-program thinking. Work through major barriers, break old habits, self-sabotage, & experience incredible inner connectedness through expressive arts.  This is a six-part series including non-verbal therapies.  Heal from past traumas while bypassing those memories.  Recover from the past without having to look at it head on (read more).

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   Imagine living life no longer,"in reaction to..."

Excerpt from Conscious Concurrence digital workbook:

As a fitting counterpart to the McGinnis Theory on subconscious-mind healing, Subconscious Reformation (SR); we are thrilled to introduce the McGinnis Theory on conscious-mind therapy, Conscious Concurrence (CC).


Both methods are experiential & have been shown to remove blocks, fostering both emotional & physical healing. However, SR, an emotion-focused treatment, mainly utilizes memories, guided imagery & color-attached physical sensations. CC, on the other hand, is a thought-focused treatment & does not rely on memory access in order to heal roots. CC activates imagination through creative expression & incorporating with the proven healing abilities of sensory activation, creating a powerful & individualized therapeutic experience.


You may have heard the common expression used in the counseling field that healing tends to occur in layers, like an onion. I noted that comparison for a couple of reasons. One, if you have ever found yourself frustrated for having to deal with what appeared to be the “same thing” over and over, part of that could have been because as you became ready to deal with the “next layer,” that topic re-emerged in order to allow for deeper healing.


However, sometimes it can be a factor of having a block to healing at all. This is where CC is extremely helpful. When the conscious-mind throws up barriers of protection for the subconscious, there tends to be either repressed memories, denial, defense mechanisms, etc. If the conscious-mind feels a threat of safety it essentially won’t permit access. Regularly used defenses include sarcasm, mismatched responses, a flood of thoughts, distractions, projections, and avoidance (a.k.a. laziness). CC puts conscious-mind at ease, allowing defenses to rest, cultivating significant healing.


Even the smallest of annoyances could be connected to a much deeper root.


The following six separate therapy experiences were developed to be practiced in succession, with each one building on to the next. And quite possibly, the most amazing aspect is that even The Trial Version when practicing the same ones over again, each and every time, a different layer of healing will occur! Each experience will be unique & interesting, thus, keeping conscious-mind motivated to continue to play nice.


In short, from mild to major distresses (thinking or emotional), when memory access is an issue for one reason or another, even when there appears to be no evident root, CC can be a major asset to improving life experiences.


I will leave you with this reminder, when there is a negative (fearbased) emotion that lingers either in thoughts or physical response, especially both, for longer than 3-minutes, that is your indication of a root, somewhere. Period.


TREATMENT COST (60min. ea.)

SINGLE SESSION:                     $140 ea.



*Split pay available

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